Hardwood Bottle Openers

Hand-shaped, sanded, and oiled walnut and cherry woods, U.S. penny, stainless steel washer, bronze wood screw, neodymium magnet. 1 X 1 X 4.5”

$50. Free shipping. Handmade in East Ballard, Washington, U.S.A.

A U.S. penny caps a thin (1/32”) stainless steel washer, both of which are fastened to the wood with a bronze screw.

A neodymium magnet, embedded inside the walnut and covered with a cherry plug, is strong enough to hold on to a bottle cap when pried off.

The embedded magnet functions doubly for storage, adhering to a refrigerator for easy access.

Multiple applications of Danish oil penetrate and seal the wood. The oil is hard-drying, non-toxic, and will not crack, chip, or peel.

The wood, penny and bronze screw will all darken with age.

Pennies are fastened exclusively with bronze screws that have rounded heads and slotted drives, with one exception: Phillips stainless steel screws with truss heads fasten 1943 steel pennies.

Each opener is signed by letter-punching J A C K into the endgrain.

If you have a preference, be sure to specify what year penny you would like on your opener. If you want something crazy like a 1909-S VDB, or a bronze 1943-D, I will do it, but it will cost extra.

Quantity: Year of penny:

Please allow two to four weeks for delivery after payment is received.

Born 1970, Kentucky. Lives and works in Seattle.


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